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27 Oct 2023
“Coffee and cake. Where is my coffee and cake” – words spoken by my father-in-law Ray in a repetitive cycle during the final months of his life. He died a week ago in a care home, after a few years of declining health with co-existing illnesses; bowel cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. ...more
06 Oct 2023
Including patient perspectives in CME brings several benefits. For learners, patient insights offer important feedback to healthcare providers (HCPs), making them more aware of patient needs and adding real-life context to educational materials. For patients, this involvement empowers them as experts in their own conditions. Moreover, it improves patient outcomes by tailoring education to their actual needs. These advantages are increasingly acknowledged in CME, and ACCME now has a criterion that recognizes providers who involve patient/public representatives in planning and delivering CME in their menu of criteria for accreditation with commendation. ...more
Beilage Lilly, Retsevmo *** Local Caption *** © Lars Neumann /
31 Aug 2023
Who here has been affected by cancer? Perhaps you have friends that have had it, perhaps relatives, or perhaps this is something that has deeply affected you. According to Macmillan Cancer Support estimates, “there are currently 3 million people living with cancer in the UK” [1], with this projected to rise to 5.3 million by 2040. ...more