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EHF Virtual Booth

No headache getting to EHF 2020

Posted by Jules Morgan

Conferences are popular events in a healthcare professional’s calendar. The opportunity to reach and interact with an international audience, to reconnect with colleagues and form new relationships will not be on the agenda this year.

2020 has been, and continues to be, a year of adapting to a different way of life. Originally destined to be hosted in Berlin, the European Headache Federation (EHF) has squared up to the challenge to recreate its annual congress and exhibition in a virtual space. And Springer Healthcare IME decided to join them.


EHF Virtual Exhibit Hall

EHF virtual exhibit: watch a video, pick up a booklet or click on a link on the tablets sitting on the desk.

Showcasing our latest free independent medical educational program, Advances in the Acute Treatment of Migraine, as part of the virtual exhibition, we feel confident that plenty of curious visitors will, as usual, walk around the exhibition hall before and after symposia, meet our program director, Prof Uwe Reuter, watch educational videos, pick up our literature, and have a go at the quiz. Even with the most basic gaming skills (no joystick required) you can manoeuvre yourself around freely.

EHF Virtual Booth

Our Program Director, Uwe Reuter, is ready to greet you at the Springer Healthcare IME booth.

When you feel you need a good stretch, the yoga space is close by. And here’s another thing – you won’t be leaving your carbon footprint behind.

Registration is free. Drop in and meet us here:

Or visit our website: Advances in the Acute Treatment of Migraine



Funding disclosure: Advances in the Acute Treatment of Migraine is supported by an educational grant from Lilly.