Healthcare professionals

Interactive session and learned a lot
– APLCC2016 attendee

Speakers are good, topics interesting, good justification of data, good presentation, active discussion
– APLCC2016 attendee

“Excellent – good presentations – excellent!”
– ELCC2016 symposium attendee

“Comprehensive overview of current/future management strategies for SQ NSCLC”
– ELCC2016 symposium attendee

“Excellent session”
– PILC2016 symposium attendee

“I’m a radiation oncologist. I’m here to learn and also interested in systemic treatment options. I learned and enjoyed the symposium discussions”
– PILC2016 symposium attendee

“I have 35 years experience in nurse paediatric endocrinology. I would love to share my passion through contribution to this meeting in the same way…Thank you for this learning opportunity.”
– IMAGE2015 attendee

“It was interesting to hear about nurse education and patient [family] education in different countries”
– IMAGE2015 attendee

“Superb meeting – thank you!”
– ELCC2015 symposium attendee

“All-encompassing and highly educational”
– ESC2015 symposium attendee

“Excellent event”
– ESC2014 symposium attendee

“This informal type of meeting with various strategies of presentation and a smaller audience ensures the possibility of discussion and participation which I feel is a very useful method to achieve the objectives proposed”
– AMCRC2014 attendee

“A really great, productive meeting, I really enjoyed it”
– IMAGE2014 attendee

“A symposium is a success if I learn three new things to take back with me – I’d already learnt three by the end of the first day”
– IMAGE2014 attendee

Experts we work with

 “Good venue and audio visual set up. Excellent speakers who kept to time. Faculty participation and audience voting was good due to excellent chairwoman. I was happily surprised by the turnout.”
– Nicholas Thatcher, Professor of Oncology
University of Manchester, UK

“I enjoyed the Springer symposium at the European Lung Cancer Conference in Geneva. Speakers gave well balanced information. The presentation of data in a format of  case-based learning, with the possibility for interactive voting, really involves colleagues and helps to understand the rapidly changing treatment opportunities for my patients.”
– Johan Vansteenkiste, Head of Clinic,  Respiratory Oncology and Clinical Trial Unit
Leuven University Hospital, Belgium

“It was a pleasure working with you and the team – very professional and friendly”
– Lee Martin Clinical Nurse Specialist
Royal London Hospital, UK

“Many thanks to the team at Springer for the help and support provided which was very much appreciated”
– Peter Laing Advanced Nurse Practitioner
Alder Hey Children’s NHS Trust Foundation, Liverpool, UK

“A very welcoming atmosphere and …a really excellent meeting”
– Martin O. Savage, Professor of Paediatric Endocrinology (Emeritus)
Barts and the London School of Medicine & Dentistry, London, UK

Educational grant providers

“Delivering high quality symposia at medical congresses is becoming more complicated for the pharma industry due to varying internal and external regulations about what cannot be shared, despite data being in the public domain, and whether or not this could be perceived as off-label promotion. As these regulations vary from company to company, as well as between countries, this can be very frustrating for the HCPs we work with as they seek to adhere to increasingly complex and diverse rules. To reduce this complexity, handing over the delivery of congress symposia to an independent medical education provider such as Springer Healthcare IME can provide an excellent solution to this problem.

Springer Healthcare IME adhere to the strictest standards governing the development and delivery of independent medical education but at the same time they are not restricted to the same regulations set by individual companies over what data they can or cannot share. Feedback from HCPs who have worked with Springer Healthcare IME on independent symposia as well as HCPs who have attended their programmes feel that the content is more fair and balanced and without company bias, which is not always the case for industry organised symposia. In addition to developing content of scientific rigour in collaboration with clinical experts, Springer Healthcare IME conduct comprehensive evaluations of their programmes both with the HCPs who attend as well as with the sponsoring company to seek to consistently improve and ensure that their programs meet the educational needs of the participants.

As a company, Springer Healthcare IME are a pleasure to work with, seeking to understand the needs of the client whilst remaining independent in the development of the agenda and choice of faculty. Their approach is to keep the client informed of progress with regard to all aspects of the symposium development, such as CME accreditation, status of presentations and logistical arrangements without any influence on the independent nature of the sponsorship. I would therefore have no hesitation in recommending them as a company to conduct any number of independent meetings.”
– Elizabeth Kelly RGN, Medical Education Consultant – Thoracic Cancers
Eli Lilly and Company

“We appreciate their excellent service, and look forward to a continued relationship for years to come.”
– Dr Svetlana Jezdic, Staff Medical Oncologist, European Society for Medical Oncology
ESMO, Switzerland