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Can specific IME formats be a game-changer for busy doctors?

Posted by Alba Ruzafa and Caroline Halford

The overwhelming world of medical education for busy doctors

In our rapidly advancing world, medical knowledge is expanding astonishingly, doubling approximately every 73 days according to a recent article. It is no wonder that healthcare professionals (HCPs) trying to stay abreast of the latest clinical breakthroughs can feel overwhelmed.

In parallel with this ever-expanding body of knowledge, there has been a surge in the number of educational activities designed to help HCPs stay up to date. Added to HCPs’ time limitations, finding the right education in the right format can seem like a daunting task for HCPs.

Therefore, engaging HCPs effectively and efficiently is not just a necessity but a significant challenge that the medical education community must address. It has never been more crucial to tailor educational activities to HCPs’ preferences in order to bridge the gap between the overwhelming speed of scientific progress and their time constraints.

“HCPs feel overwhelmed with information. We must tailor educational activities to their preferences”

How do we achieve excellence? Uncovering our process

Our mission is to maximize the impact of our educational initiatives, seeking to enhance both HCPs’ knowledge and confidence in their respective fields of expertise and clinical care. We hope that our activities lead to shifts in their clinical routines, ultimately achieving better patient outcomes.

To achieve this, we design an extensive variety of educational activities, ranging from common interactive symposiums to short micro-learning modules. After doing extensive research and identifying the key educational needs and relevant target audience, we carefully determine the most effective format to deliver the educational content. This customized strategy ensures that our education is not only relevant but also efficiently resonates with the intended experts, achieving an excellent educational impact.

How do we know we are getting it right? Experience!

We recently conducted a comprehensive analysis of the outcomes of our activities over the past years. And these are some of our numbers:

A total of 97% of HCPs who engaged in our webinars reported a noticeable increase in their knowledge of the subject. We achieved this remarkable number because we used an individualized approach when designing the content structure for these activities leading to the inclusion of invaluable insights and ensuring the delivery of tailored educational experiences.

Another impressive number is the 96% of HCPs who participated in our case study modules and reported a substantial boost in their confidence levels regarding the subject matter. This highlights the effectiveness of this approach when carefully applied in specific therapeutic fields, in promoting professional assurance among our valued learners.

And just to show off a bit more, for our video discussion modules, we observed that 92% of HCPs reported improved patient care after participating in these programs. It is also worth noting that even in the case of symposiums, where we use a standard knowledge presentation format, we observed that 52% of participants expressed an intention to implement a measurable change in their practice.

And those are just a few of the formats we offer, we also have experience in delivering interactive pathway tools, podcasts, interactive body simulation, and many more. We have told you the stats, but we are not slowing down. We are all about keeping the good things coming — we want to keep thriving and continue delivering innovative and useful educational activities.

Our mission

In summary, our key ethos at Springer Healthcare IME is centered around providing exceptional medical education. We not only intend to meet HCPs’ current format preferences but also commit to staying adaptable and responsive to evolving trends. We want to lead the way in shaping medical education’s future by actively seeking feedback and attentively listening to our audience.

If you want to embark on this journey, explore our IME site to explore all our currently available programs. For further details do not hesitate to connect with us!