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Does Format Matter? How HCPs are engaging with educational content

Posted by Elsbeth Headley

Last month, together with Caroline Halford (Development Director – Medical Education, Springer Healthcare) and Rebecca Cox (Principal Medical Writer, Springer Healthcare IME), I took part in a live webinar titled “Does Format Matter? How HCPs are engaging with educational content”.

In the webinar, attended by over 180 people from the wider Medical Education and Healthcare industry, we focused on the role of format choice in engaging physicians, including the importance of “starting with the end in mind” to define what the program should achieve before designing the final output, and considering the learning style of the end users.

We discussed our experience in delivering independent medical education content across a range of media (live vs digital, in-depth vs bitesize), highlighted key takeaways from our recent HCP survey on learner preferences (which included responses from ~ 2000 HCPs), and showcased examples of educational programs in which we tried to put into place what we learned. And of course we answered questions from the audience.

If you would like to hear the discussion, the recording is available here:

I was also able to discuss a similar topic with Dr. Jane Godsland (Clinical Director, Springer Medicine) and Dr. Nathalie van Havre (Head of Medical Education, EHA) on the new Medical Educational platform, Springer Medicine. We discussed the challenges that doctors face in continually staying up to date with all the latest clinical advances in their field, the opportunities offered by new digital tools, and how medical education providers can best help. Listen to the episode here.