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20 Jul 2021
Regular exercise is good for you, in moderation. No denying that. You might be incentivised by endless social media posts showing buff bodies promising that if we work harder and longer we will be stronger and, of course, better looking. And because exercise stimulates the release of natural pain-controlling chemicals, endorphins, and anti-depressant chemicals, enkephalins, the ‘exercise high’ is both motivator and reward. It could also lead to reducing drug intake, such as OTC medications for pain and prophylactics. ...more
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08 Jul 2021
How would you define a ‘rare disease’? A disease that affects very few people, isn’t it? In the European Union, a rare disease is ‘one that affects no more than 1 person in 2000.’ It might seem a very low rate, but in Europe alone there are approximately 30 million people living with one of over 6000 identified rare diseases ...more
18 Jun 2021
Springer Healthcare IME would like to invite healthcare professionals to join our independent live webinar focussing on the recognition and treatment of fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva (FOP). ...more
20 May 2021
Success in almost every sector involves the collaboration of many different disciplines; the expertise of each utilized to produce the best end result or outcome. The IME team has had numerous successes (not a marketing plug, I promise) which would not have been possible without the input from numerous specialists inside and outside of our tiny but mighty team. ...more