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Rare Disease Day Background. Colorful awareness ribbon with group of people with rare diseases
26 Oct 2022
As an independent medical education provider we cover a range of conditions across many therapy areas. Applying for grants we can’t always choose, but we do not treat any disease differently. We are always committed to delivering freely accessible high-quality learning to a global multidisciplinary healthcare audience. Our purpose is to disseminate evidence-based, practical knowledge to those who can implement and translate it into practice to improve outcomes for their patients. ...more
17 Oct 2022
Sweaty palms as the plane takes off, nose pressed against the window staring through the clouds at the foreign land down below, the excitement of having a pristine hotel room with ensuite bathroom all to yourself, wondering whether the meatballs in Stockholm will taste better than the ones in Ikea. These aren’t the thoughts of a child, but a 54-year old man going back to an in-person conference for the first time 3 years. ...more
05 Aug 2022
Unknowingly, I have walked past the Springer Nature offices almost every weekday for the past five years on my way to school. The automatic doors would slide open as we walked past in the early mornings and we would sometimes look inside past the barriers guessing what they would lead to.  ...more
29 Jul 2022
As restrictions in the UK are beginning to feel like a thing of the past, I have been reflecting on my time with the Springer Healthcare IME team, having joined amid the global pandemic in January this year, and plunged into the deep end with the entrance into a new disease area. ...more